Seeding Square is Gardening Made Simple! TM

Maximize and organize your garden to grow more greens and fewer weeds.
It's the one and only Colour-Coded Seed Spacer.

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Seeding Square - Seed Spacing Solved! Seeding Square - Seed Spacing Solved! Seeding Square - Seed Spacing Solved!
2 Seeding Squares - With FREE Shipping
Price (CAD): $64.00
Sale Price (CAD): $59.00
Seeding Square - With FREE Shipping
Price (CAD): $32.00
Sale Price (CAD): $32.00
4 Seeding Squares - With FREE Shipping
Price (CAD): $128.00
Sale Price (CAD): $100.00
Seeding Square - Seed Spacing Solved!
3 Seeding Squares - With FREE Shipping
Price (CAD): $96.00
Sale Price (CAD): $82.00